Our Trip to Harvest House

Marilyn and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to visit my publisher, Harvest House. I was basically in meetings from 2:00 pm on Monday to 2:00 pm the following day, including meetings over dinner, breakfast, and lunch. They took very good care of us.

After one meeting, my editor, Terry was walking with us and we saw a room full of people. Marilyn asked, “What’s going on in there?”

“They’re waiting for Josh to speak,” Terry replied.

Yeah, that was a little surreal. In fact, surreal is the best word to describe the entire event – having a bunch of professionals talk about publishing my book as if they do it all the time.

Perhaps the best part was hearing how excited the editors and staff are about Radically Normal. Several of them talked about how they had been personally impacted by its message! They believe that this book has the potential to do really well and change many, many lives. I am extremely fortunate to be with such a great publishing house.

They also said lots of nice things about my writing, though I have several things to tweak. For instance, they want me to clarify a short, core “take away” message. I am hoping to get your help on that part – this is what I have so far:

What if being a radical Christian didn’t mean selling everything and becoming a missionary to India? What if it meant settling down and enjoying your ordinary God-given life in extraordinary ways? It’s time to reexamine the Bible, end the guilt, and get to really living.

What do you think? I would love your help your refining this.

6 thoughts on “Our Trip to Harvest House

  1. Tweak it? This is a dang good message as it stands. Press on, I am so excited for you and for everyone who gets to read your book!

  2. Overall, it is an excellent summary and challenge to a potential reader. The only change I would suggest is to decide if you want to use “missionary in India” or “on a mission to India.” Keep moving forward. Cheers, Russ

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