The Book I’ve Waited Two Years to Read

I am a big fan of Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey novels.  There are few better ways to spend a weekend than following His Lordship around 1920’s London as he solves some murder or another. Aside from the pleasure of the stories and characters, part of delight is knowing how limited the supply is; the last Wimsey story was published in 1939.

Over two years ago, I bought a story I hadn’t read yet, Unnatural Death, but between pastoring, Starbucks, and writing Radically Normal, I didn’t have any time for “fun” reading. I promised myself then that once Radically Normal was done, I would read Unnatural Death. Since then, I have found a little more time for reading, but I still have left that book untouched, saving it as a reward for my labors.


It is hard for me to believe that in three week, I will finally be able to read it. We are in the homestretch and it won’t be much longer at all. A little sooner than planned, in fact. In order to have more time to pursue endorsements, my editor and I decided to move my deadline forward to November 18th.

Things are still on schedule. I have several readers finishing up my early version and I just finished the appendices last week. This week, I will begin the second to last round of edits. Don’t ask how many rounds there have been, because I have lost count. Of course, my work won’t be done once I send in my the manuscript. Then it will be time to take off my “author” hat and put on my “marketer” hat. But first, I’ll have a book to read.

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