Our Upcoming “Great Adventure”

When I first talked to my publisher about Radically Normal, I asked him how it might do. He first warned me that most books don’t sell that many copies, but said, “With God’s help, this book has the potential to do really, really well.”

Of course everyone wants to be successful, but for Marilyn and I, this is far bigger than winning the book writer’s version of the lottery. We believe that millions of Christians live under the fear that they can’t please God in their regular, everyday life, and that God is going to use this message to set them free.

After a lot of prayer, we believe God is calling us to “bet the farm” – put our house up for sale and prepare for a year-long trip around the U.S., speaking at churches, schools, and bookstores. Our hope is to build a grassroots excitement that spreads into something much bigger. As crazy (dare I say “radical”?) as this plan sounds, it feels like God is leading us into a great adventure.

Can God use a fortune cookie for confirmation?


Now I want to ask you – do you want to be a part of this adventure? I can’t promise that all this will make Radically Normal into a bestseller, but it just might. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could say “I helped!”?

Our biggest need isn’t financial but places to speak, sell the book, and stay. Think through some of the connections you have – do you know of some organization that may really enjoy Radically Normal? If you can connect me with them I’ll take care of the rest. And if they invite me to speak, I’d love to send you an autographed copy, thanking you for your part in this adventure.

We hope to arrive at our first stop (Portland, OR) the first week of October, so time is of the essence. If you have any ideas, please contact me at me@joshkelley.ink. Thank you for your prayers and support!

To the glory of God and the joy of the saints!


One thought on “Our Upcoming “Great Adventure”

  1. Good for you! God go with you. It looks like you’ll be warming up Portland for me. I’ll be speaking in that area (Lake Oswego) on October 18.

    As for potential speaking sites, I can recommend two right away here in the Hoosier heartland. One is Columbus Community Church (Chuck Coleman, Senior Pastor of Adult Ministries chuck@cccolumbus.org). I have attended the church in the past, but do not know the senior pastor first hand. The other I’d recommend is Redeemer Presbyterian in Indianapolis (Jason Dorsey, Lead Pastor ; jason@redeemindy.com). You can mention I am a former client and now friend of Jeff Nottingham, a pastoral counselor there.

    If you can coordinate speaking engagements at both or either churches, I can make sure my friends and/or my own faith community provides you and your family with a ministry of hospitality.

    I may have other churches in the tri-state area (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio) to recommend as the weeks progress. Let me pray about it a bit and get back to you.

    Oh boy, I’m excited for you. You are an inspiration!


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