Asking for Prayer (It’s a good thing)

Hi friends!

God has brought an amazing opportunity: Logos Bible Software will be offering free downloads of my book to Logos and Vyrso users and they’re including it in their “Monthly Freebie” email (join that email list here), which goes out to over half a million readers. On top of all that, they’ve offered to feature me as their “Author of the Month.” Wow.


So why am I excited to give out so many free copies of my book?

I once told a friend that I wish I could give my book to every pastor in America because that would be the best way to get its message to the people in the pews. Most Logos users are in the ministry, so this basically allows me to do just that, but without cost to me.

That said, can you please be in prayer for all this? Pray that everything work like it’s supposed to, that lots of pastors download my book and that they read it!

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.

[May it all be] To the glory of God and the joy of the saints!

Josh Signature, Blue

3 thoughts on “Asking for Prayer (It’s a good thing)

  1. Love this, Josh. Definitely praying. And your message needs to get down south especially where I observed some of the most crippled and guilt-based Christians of my life. I have leads for you down south where I know they use Logos and Acs technologies (where I used to work) quite a bit.

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