Sabbatical’s Over

When I closed my church’s doors for the last time, I felt like I was also closing the doors on being a pastor. After 15 years, I had been through too much and just didn’t want it any more. Now looking back, it’s easy to see that I hadn’t actually lost my pastoral calling; rather I was simply suffering from burnout.

As I said in my last post, our cross-country trip was not only a book tour, it was also a much-needed sabbatical. Now that we’ve been home for a little more than a month, Marilyn and I both feel it’s time to look for a church to pastor at. I just wrote my very first resume and am starting to submit it to various places.

I would appreciate your help in two ways:

1. Please pray for God’s guidance. That is our biggest need at this point.

2. Please forward my resume to anyone you think may be interested:

My desire is to be either a teaching pastor or senior pastor at a multi-staff church (the past eight years taught me that I’m not wired to be a solo pastor!).

Thank you so much!

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