Disappointments and New Horizons

So my book has been remaindered. Yesterday, that word was a complete mystery to me, now it is has a bitter familiarity. Basically, it means that Harvest House will no longer carry paperback copies of Radically Normal (but they’ll continue carrying the eBook). The “upside” is that they’re offering me some the remaining inventory for a greatly reduced price. Anyone want to buy a case or two?

Doing some research, I’ve discovered that this is fairly common in the publishing industry and may have the positive effect of getting my book into more hands as folks find it on the bargain table. But there is no hiding that this is a huge disappointment and the loss of a dream. My editor and I both thought Radically Normal had the potential to be a bestseller; instead, it’s going out of print. I feel like God has let me down, to be honest.


This morning, as I was jogging, the sunrise lit up a low-laying cloud above the foothills. It looked like a pink fire, burning supernaturally on the mountain. Even as I was stunned by its beauty and ushered into God’s presence, the effect faded and it looked like a regular, gray cloud again. This day is a little grayer than others to be sure, but yet glimpses of God’s glory break through unexpectedly, giving me hope that he is leading me even now. I know that someday, I’ll look back and say “So that’s what you were doing.”

One important thought struck me as I continued my jog – I can no longer put any eggs in the Radically Normal basket. I hope and trust that this will motivate me to pursue my other endeavors, some of which that have me very excited, even more aggressively. What are those you ask? I think they are best saved for tomorrow’s post.

9 thoughts on “Disappointments and New Horizons

    1. I appreciate that Laurie. It’s easy to think that getting the publishing contract is the big deal, but it certainly doesn’t mean everything is going to work out great!

  1. Suck hurts. It’s real and I hurt with you as much as it is possible. I’m telling you that not because I think it takes anything away from your pain but because I want you too know that you as a person are worth hurting with.

  2. Sorry to hear about the “remaindering”, but you’re right that this is pretty normal in the publishing world. What I saw as I was reading your post was a door opening. I really think God is going to surprise you with something. Blessings to you and your family, my friend.

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