Back in the Pulpit!

Even as I was hit by the disappointment of my book being taken out of print, I’m excited by some new things on the horizon. The first is seeing my wife Marilyn blossom as a writer. The last draft I saw of one chapter was really good. I believe that we will see a great book from her before too long.

I’m also working on my second book. Even though I don’t want to publicize the topic yet, I can tell you that it will make Radically Normal look safe by comparison. I’m enjoying writing something with a bit of an edge to it.

I’m also getting ready to launch a podcast with a friend that should be a lot of fun. More details to follow.

But here is the biggest thing right now: I’m preaching again! I’ve been invited to be the primary preacher at Citipoint’s Café Church in Mount Vernon. That means that I will be preaching there approximately every other Sunday and facilitating the leadership of the gathering.


We’re officially launching Café Church Mount Vernon a week from Sunday, on February 21st at 5:12 pm. There will be light snacks and I’ll be preaching from Radically Normal for the first two weeks. I’d love to have you there to cheer me on!

For more information, visit:


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