Great Little Tool for Self-Editing

In college, I took a class where we had to write a paper each week. We were allowed one “free” typo; after that, our grade would drop. I quickly learned that if I wanted an “A,” I had to have someone else edit it. I simply couldn’t catch all of my own typos, because I tended to see what I meant to write. I’m sure you can relate.

I still absolutely believe in the importance of having other people edit my work, but what about all those times I just want to send an email, update my Facebook status, or write a quick blog post?

I don’t always have the luxury of having someone else read my material first. I’m not sure about you, but there’ve been several times I’ve opted not to write a blog post (like this one) because it wasn’t worth the trouble.

I’ve discovered an app that is helping me in situations just like that: NaturalReader.  After downloading the software, I can simply click “Add New,” copy and paste my material, and have it read back to me (I can even slow down the reading speed). I find myself catching so many more typos than ever before.


I’m not saying this is a fool-proof system; I probably let a typo or two slip into this post. But it does take my errors from “bonehead” to merely “tolerable.” This in turn has increased my willingness to write new blog posts (again, like this one).

Give it a try and tell me what you think!