What a Night!

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate the release of Radically Normal and also to those who supported us from afar with the online launch. We had an absolute blast hanging out with all of you.


I have amazing friends. That was one of the big takeaways from Friday’s launch party. I’m especially grateful to friends and family like the McCool’s, Ellis’, Strong’s, TenBrink’s, and Kelley’s for baking cookies, making coffee, selling books, taking pictures, and cleaning up. And a huge thanks to Nate and Heather Baker for basically running the show.


The weirdest part of the night was signing books. Umm, are you sure you want my illegible scribbles in your nice, new book? But it was also the best part because I got to spend some individual time with so many friends.


A lot of people have been asking what’s next for our family, especially with my church closing recently (you can read more about that here). Long story short, we think God is calling us to do a year-long book tour across America, speaking and seeing the sights.


Please be praying for God’s direction and let me know if you have some contacts at a church or ministry that might be interested in having me speak.

To the glory of God and the joy of the saints!



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